Anaco Group is a consulting boutique with extensive experience in managing international projects of various sizes. We are a technology-enabled company specializing in improving business performance and entering new markets. Anaco Group creates exceptional customer engagement, accelerates digital transformation, and delivers actionable analytics to scale the businesses. We are focused on business projects in North and South America.

Anaco Group today is an ecosystem of companies that have achieved success in one region and scale their business in the global market. We work with experienced solution providers, venture capital funds and government agencies around the world, with a focus on high-quality project planning and implementation, taking into account the specifics of the region. We see ourselves as part of your success story.

Professional planning that includes the country's business culture is the key to success. Many companies are concerned about improving resilience in today's environment. Not more than 6% of the small and medium-sized companies entering the market of another country had an audited strategy. In most cases, the decision was based on business fashion or business rumors about the successful experience of other companies. 92% of entrepreneurs were confident that their three-year plans for global expansion would be increased at least on 12% in terms of revenue. However, it did not happen. Most of the strategies for entering a foreign market did not include the subjects of changing the culture of the company and business strategy. 41% of companies believe that the most difficult thing was to understand and to comply with the business practice of the local society and regulators. The new market was assessed on the basis of scattered data from the questionable sources.

If you are a startup, scale up or established tech company, and you are planning to expand, please get in touch.

We have helped similar companies over the years, in their journey to be the best in the markets that they are within. Deep industry and regional experience, well-established relations and a wide range of experts enable Anaco Group to ensure fast start and successful implementation. We have value proposition for all kind of companies.



Professional business planning minimizes implementation errors and ensures project success.  Therefore, we offer a complete set of the required instruments:
  • Market research

  • Key market trends

  • Market segmentation

  • Identifying market niches

  • Market size estimation

  • Business culture of the market

  • Competitor study

  • Potential customer surveys

  • Analysis of legislation

  • Analysis of the channels

  • Strategy development

  • Action planning



Anaco Group supports clients with the project implementation. We also help with relocation, residency programs, real estate, and even construction work.

  • Tracking

  • Company registration

  • Tax and foreign exchange legislation

  • Bank accounts

  • Technology transfer

  • Intellectual property

  • Demand generation

  • Business development

  • PR, GR and Marketing

  • SEO and advertising

  • Market representation

  • Business management

  • Free trade zones

  • Residence permit and acquisition of property

  • Property management

Costa Rica has become a popular destination for digital nomads since 2020.

We offer a specialized relocation program to Costa Rica

Anaco Group is an experienced agent to find, negotiate and transfer the best technologies from one to another part of the World. Often it occurs by concerted effort to share skills, knowledge, technologies, and manufacturing methods.

We have deep expertise in Analytics, Innovation Management, SaaS, Big Data / Business Intelligence, Track&Trace solutions as well as Protection of the Personal Information and Risk Assessment.



We support startups in the wide range of services including a wide range of the accelerators and venture funds in EMEA and America's as well as corporate and government initiatives.


  • Value proposition

  • Product-market-fit

  • Business model

  • Budgeting

  • Pricing

  • MVP specification and testing

  • Financial model

  • Coaching and Mentorship

  • Acceleration

  • Venture Funds

  • Investment case preparation

  • Analysis of potential investors

  • Acceleration

  • Pitch Training

  • Investor presentations

  • Accompaniment in negotiations

  • Deal structuring

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  • Brazil: Fin Tech company relocation
  • US: Ed Tech company startup
  • Central America: Innovation Hub - consulting for the government 
  • Chile: Livestock Technology company relocation
  • US: Retail / Ed Tech company startup
  • Costa Rica: Track & Trace Technology Transfer
  • UAE: Representative office of Russian Software House
  • Costa Rica: Call Center opening
  • Chile: Agriculture Tech company transfer
  • Germany: EU-distributor authorization for Software House
  • Argentina: off-shore programming hub
  • Costa Rica:  the distributor development for the innovative construction solution from the US.
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