• Negative emotions?
  • Politics, viruses, snow?
  • Bad ecology?
  • Life/work balance?
  • The quality of life?
Are You Considering a Move to Costa Rica?

If So We can Help!

If you are tired of the many promises of heaven in Costa Rica?
Only to be frustrated by the bureaucracy in a country you are not familiar with.
Do you know people who have been in Costa Rica and have returned disheartened? 
Then you have come to the right place
We are a unique service; we can have your move be an easy one. We are a relocation service that can help you and guide you with all documentation, from Residency to Real Estate to investments.
Everyone except you benefits from the high price and minimum responsibility. We will ensure high-quality offers at a reasonable market price and monitor the implementation. We will also advise you on trusted suppliers.

We are ready to be a part of your success. We will organize a study visit and schedule the business meetings to organize  your new life (real estate, residency, medicine) and starting your business (suppliers, distributors, government agencies). If you need, we can arrange the construction of your new home and ensure the quality of your business while you are away.

Why Costa Rica?

QUALITY OF LIFE: 1st world services, high standard of living, beautiful environment.

WONDERFUL CLIMATE: warm weather year round, no hurricanes like the Caribbean Islands.  Tropical breezes, lots of sunshine. Clean and warm ocean. Guanacaste has less rain than all other areas of the country, a true tropical paradise!


ECOLOGY: Costa Rica contains 5% of the world’s natural biodiversity and yet is tiny compared to other tropical, diverse areas.




FIRST - CLASS HEALTH CARE: Pay a fraction of the price you pay at home for the best quality medical care, including expert medical tourism options. The healthcare system and public health insurance in Costa Rica are some of the best in the world. The country is consistently ranked among the 20th percentile of top country healthcare systems by the United Nations. Public health insurance in Costa Rica is available for all residents and non-residents. In 2010, the government made it mandatory that all foreigners register with the public scheme in order to obtain residency. In turn, expats are able to receive free healthcare at public facilities. Not interested in public healthcare? Many residents of this Latin American country opt for private healthcare in addition to the public coverage. This allows greater access to private facilities and the option to visit more specialists, if needed.

HOUSING: Finding accommodation in Costa Rica is relatively easy because foreigners have all the same rights as local residents when it comes to renting or buying a house. There is no limit to the type of house non-residents can rent or buy in Costa Rica. Housing here is generally affordable, with the average rent staying below 1,000 USD per month. The average price to purchase a house fluctuates depending on whether you want a beach or mountain home, but most properties start at around 100,000 USD. The main document most foreigners will have to produce to secure a place is a valid passport. Low property tax.


STABLE DEMOCRACY, NO ARMY, NO TERRORISM: Latin America's oldest and most secure. Costa Rica has NO enemies. Money spent on “cradle to grave” universal health care and education.


MORE NORTH AMERICANS:  proportionately than any country in the world with a tightly-knit large expatriate community


GOOD PLACE FOR INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES: 2 hours flight from Miami, 5 hours flight from New York, direct flights to many North American and European cities

OPPORTUNITIES: Awaits entrepreneurs of all ages and concepts.

FRIENDLY PEOPLE: who are warm, caring and non-confrontational and MANY who speak English.

HUNDREDS OF ACTIVITIES: world-class fishing, diving, hiking, swimming, bird watching, boating, paddleboarding, snorkel, surfing and the list goes on and on. Discover Costa Rica for its natural beauty.



It is possible to obtain a residency in accordance with the “Investor” immigration program if you invest USD 200,000.00 (for instance residential or commercial property). You may consider Free Trade Zones to start the business Internationally.


The child receives citizenship, and all family members receive a residence permit. It is free to give birth to a child in a public clinic (pregnant women and children under 14 years of age receive health care in Costa Rica free of charge, including all medications).


Immigration program for retirees has been successfully operating for over 40 years, allowing people of retirement age to obtain a Residence with a guaranteed monthly income of USD 1,000.00


A residency can be acquired by financially independent applicants. It is enough to confirm the monthly income of USD 2,500.00 or provide a certificate from the bank about the availability of USD 30,000.00



  • Residency and birth of a child

  • Opening a bank (registered, commercial) account

  • Enrollment of children in school (public or private)

  • Rent / purchase of real estate

  • Legal services in the field of corporate, banking, civil and administrative law

  • Registration in Free Trade Zone

  • Interpreter services 

  • Driver with a car

  • Costa Rican citizenship

We will prepare and manage your study visit, arrange meetings with the required   contacts, demonstrate properties available for rent and for purchase.
You will be able to spend time in wonderful oceanfront conditions and see how the expat community lives.
Click the picture to see an example to stay nearby the ocean. 
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