This section is not a public offer. It describes the possible business activities we offer with the indication of the preliminary prices. The exact price depends on the details. Discount for the scope of work is discussible. All prices are in US Dollars NET. The final price also depends on the payment method.


Possible activities:


Initial consultation (remotely)

You describe the current business, plans, tasks, preferences, expectations from a possible project. We ask additional questions, give feedback on the current situation, discuss typical mistakes and possible steps.

Price: free, duration: 30 - 45 min.


Follow-up deep and detailed consultation: USD 100.00 per hour. If you decide to start working with us, we agree on stages, terms, criteria for success, budget and form of payment. Usually, we recommend weekly discussion of the results obtained, adjustments to steps for the next week, and proportional payment for the work done. This allows you to control the quality of the work performed, make the necessary adjustments in a timely manner, and pay for the project step by step.


Collection and systematization of analytics from the open sources about the selected market, customers, competitors.

Price: USD 500.00 for 1 report, USD 800.00 for 2 reports, USD 1000.00 for 3 reports. Duration: 3 working days for each report. It is possible to obtain materials from closed sources. Price and duration depend on the complexity of the specific task.


Clarification of goal setting, collection, systematization of analytics from various sources, calculation of the required parameters. Price: USD 1200.00, duration: 5 - 10 working days

Joint Pitch development based on VMGI model and approach synchronization for presentations, letters and other materials. Price: USD 300.00, duration: 1 - 2 working days


Joint activity to define the working hypothesis and its testing in market conditions.

- Preparation of working materials using a native speaker.

- Discussion with potential clients.

- Discussion with potential distributors.

- Discussion with government agencies and possible agents of influence.

Price: USD 1200.00, duration: 2 - 3 working days

The personal visit is possible if required. You pay all travel expenses. Price and duration depend on the selected scope of work. Overhead costs possible.


Joint preparation of go-to-market strategy and action plan, including specific steps, timelines, budgets, criteria for success. It is possible to organize a business tour for the company's management in order to personally check the collected material, get acquainted with the realities of the market and key players.

Price and duration depend on the selected scope of work. Overhead costs are possible.

Development of the investment strategy:

Schedule for submission of the project to the specific funds including:

- A map indicating the sequence, stages of preparation, tasks and formulation of the development project

- List of selected funds with contacts.

Price: from USD 300.00, duration: 2 working days



Project acceleration:

Working as a member of a team with the functionality of a development director

The main competence is assistance in the implementation of the investment strategy and development strategy.

Setting goals and helping to achieve them, taking into account connections, including:

- attracting investors

- attracting strategic partners (information, industrial, sales, competence)

- attracting sponsors

- support of key transactions

- with long-term work, attracting own contacts of profile clients

- drawing attention to the project

- cost optimization

Price: from USD 4,000.00 per month. Duration: at least 1 month

Mentoring: strategic consultant

- Promotion of the project and training the team of professional methodology

- Search and attraction of strategic investors, if necessary

- Strategy for business development and scaling.

- Preparation of materials for the Strategic Committee.

- Entering new regions.

Equity participation, from 1%. Duration: discussible.

Project management and implementation.

Price: from USD 4,000.00 per month. Duration: at least 6 months.

You may ask to see the examples.

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