Anaco Group provides intelligent prospecting to create a database of potential tenants. Our team updates our database on a regular basis and sends the latest deals and promotions. Also, we keep a black list of the tenants who demonstrated unreasonable behavior on any stage of the rental process. We do not accept the reservations neither from them nor from the members of their family.

Our team is aware of what is happening on the market to establish optimal rental rates and property occupancy. We are constantly tracking the market changes, vacation habits, trends, from which countries low Airfare is coming to Costa Rica etc. That techniques helps to have your rental property booked even in low season.
Well-constructed and working website to generate more traffic towards your property. Frequent professional advertisement to obtain maximum profit and occupancy in rentals. Professional, prompt and courteous service to ensure repeat business. 

We know the number of visitors for each day:
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We know the split per country for each day:
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We know the exact day and time when people come to reserve the property
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We know where visitors find us:
We know the statistics for each platform:
We know the rental statistics by town:

Staying at a hotel gives the opportunity for good relax, but it costs accordingly. The focus group for vacation rentals is people who want to have the holidays in a good place and reasonable conditions, but they are not ready to spend even a 3-star hotel budget. That is why this group includes the lower segment of the middle class and young people for 1 – 2 weeks’ vacation and people of the retirement age for 2 – 3 months’ vacation.

The market of the vacation rental is limited at the bottom by the hostels, and at the top by the inexpensive hotels. Moreover, both hostels and inexpensive hotels regularly try to attack the vacation rental segment. This dramatically decrease the profit margin and increase the customer expectations in terms of quality of service.

Over the past decade, many people around the world have invested their money in investment property, which has led to a significant increase in supply in the market (over 10% per year), which has led to a further drop in prices and profitability in this market segment.


Approximately 20% of the customers can be very demanding expecting hotel-level service but a small budget. This can lead to the emotional problems based on unreasonable expectations. Unfortunately, the platforms like Airbnb and others are always on the customer side. Sometimes you may meet people who deliberately engage in extortion. The significant experience required to protect your interest and property.  Are you ready to manage this by yourself?


The processes of increasing automation and professionalism are taking place as a response to the challenges:

  • Vacation rentals have to offer almost the same values to their guests as the hotels.

  • Micro-management tools, marketing services, and successful business practices.

  • Home automation, smart locks, burglar alarms, etc.


However, this process requires the significant initial costs that increase profitability in the horizon of at least 1 year only with the scalability of the business strategy for a significant number of apartments. The individual players with 1 - 2 apartments become noncompetitive and de facto lose the market. 


We have two different options where our clients can choose from:

10% commission - for rentals booked by the owner 10% commission is paid to Anaco. Commission on rentals, more than 31 days, will be also 10%. Anaco Group will be responsible for all check-ins and check-outs for the property, tenant attendance, reservations, contact with potential clients, rental payment coordination etc.

20% commission - for rentals generated by Anaco. Commission on rentals, more than 31 days, will be only 12%.

The owner agrees to pay advertising cost USD 1,00 per day. Anaco Group will be responsible for all check-ins and check-outs for the property, tenant attendance, reservations, contact with potential clients, rental payment coordination etc.

All additional services will be charged by the rate USD 40,00 per hour per person + materials and other direct expenses.

Term: One Year, the contract is automatically renewed unless writing is received 30 days prior of expiration of contract.

Please have a look at the real example below including tenants endorsements from different countries.
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